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Christian Guidance and
Counseling Office Location and
Scenes at Evensong, the location of the pastor's
study, consists of twenty acres of wooded land. It is
very peaceful and we pray that all our visitors share
"the peace that passes all understanding" when they

Couples coming for counseling sometimes renew
their marriage vows at Evensong in the Pastor's
Study. Too, couples sometime choose to be married
here with friends and family present.  Our clergy
visit from time to time to pray, plan and refresh.
Business executives come to consider company and
personnel  decisions in the quiet and peace of
Evensong all the while finding strength and
renewing their spirit.
Yours in Christ,
Larry Johnson

Counseling is offered in a very
private setting at Evensong near
Front Royal, Virginia, a location
west of Washington, D.C.

Individual or family Counseling is
 Session length is
usually fifty minutes to one hour.

Frequency depends on the issue
which the client is dealing and
the need. Additionally,intensive
one or two day programs are
offered for individuals who
request this. These extended
sessions may be from one to two
hours and may occur both in the
morning and afternoon. This
most often is for those who come
from a long distance. Most
clients come about once a week
in the beginning.

Those wishing to have a silent
retreat with the counselor
, a
pastoral counselor and minister,
may take this opportunity.
A silent
is one including several
hours of counseling with breaks
for walking and a noon Holy
Communion followed by a lite
lunch. Each visitor's day is
individually planned to meet
unique needs. One may come
and have a day away from the
madness of life and have no
special program

Being alone with God and having
time to meditate with a
priest/minister  to listen can be
healing for the body, soul and

We have wooded pathways and
an abundance of wildlife at
Evensong which offers a peaceful
and relaxing time of restoration.
Seminars may be conducted on
special subjects.

Telephonic conference
counseling is available
for those
far away or to follow-up with a
priest in the vicinity to listen can
be healing of body, soul and

Seminars may be conducted on
special subjects.

Counseling for clergy and
religious workers
is available;
consulting for business
dealing with the stress
of today's business world.
I understand pressures and know from experience in
family matters and business that our Savior Jesus
Christ knows our trials and is always present in our
times of need, ready to help, especially when we
look to Him.

Evensong is our home and Mrs. Johnson and I
welcome you. It is not a retreat center but our home
where you too can meet Christ in everyday life.